Cattle Operation

Cattle Operation

Our goal at Wood Ranch is to raise high quality beef in a low stress environment - to both man and beast - using natural resources.

We enhance these resources by rotational grazing, moderate irrigation and very limited herbicide and fertilizer.

Our Angus cow herd is crossbred to Charolais bulls for high growth, hybrid vigor and quality grade. 

The ranch works closely with the Noble Research Institute, located in Ardmore, Oklahoma, to ensure best practices within the beef industry.  The Noble Institute is a priceless resource that has a stellar reputation for research and development in the beef industry.  This partnership has led the ranch to receive numerous awards within the industry, including 2013 Commerical Producer of the Year by the American-International Charolais Association.

Our cattle operation consists of approximately 2,500 acres that provides grazing for as many as 425 cows, their calves, and 14 bulls (as conditions warrant).  This acreage also includes wildlife native to the area, such as whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey.  The beef and hunting operations combine our passions for raising high quality beef, as well as being stewards of the land for future generations to come.


Bull Protocol

Black Angus, Charolai, Red Angus, having EPDs in the top 20 percent of their respective breed for weaning and yearling weight.

Have permanent identification.

Have a breeding soundness exam 30-90 days prior to the breeding season.

Have a 90-day breeding season maximum for a late winter/early spring calving season.

Test negative for PI-BVDV and have a negative Trichomoniasis status upon purchase or entry into the program.

Follow Herd Health Protocol